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Deleting Documents and Document Folders

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Deleting a document removes it from TeamConnect and you cannot reverse the deletion. If you delete a document folder, the folder and all of its contents are also deleted.

You can only delete documents and folders that you own or to which you have the appropriate rights.

What is Deleted

When you delete a document, the following items are deleted:


oAssociated approvals

oAll shortcuts that lead to this document

oAssociated history records

oCategories and the related custom fields:

oIf the category that you selected for the document caused custom fields to appear in the Details section on the General tab, when you delete the category, the custom fields are deleted.

oIf the deleted category was set as the default, the Root category is automatically set as the default category.

Document folders:

oAll associated subfolders and their contents

Note: You cannot delete a checked out document or a document within a checked out folder.

Tip: The top-level folder is the page that opens when you click the Documents link for a record. If necessary, you can void the transaction first and then delete the record.