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You can view documents on the global Documents page or on the Documents page for a specific record type. To open a document, click its link on any page.

Additionally, if you receive an email message that contains a link to a document or document folder, clicking on the link immediately opens the document or document folder. This depends on whether or not you are logged into TeamConnect and have the appropriate rights.

Viewing the Global Documents Area

Based on your access rights, the global Documents area allows you to access all of the documents that you have the rights to view in TeamConnect. You can also use this page to subscribe to a collection of documents that you want to track, such as all documents that are currently checked out for editing, or all documents that were recently added to TeamConnect.

Viewing the Documents Page for a Record

Several record types have a documents page where you can manage documents that relate to the specified type of record. You can add many types of records to a Documents page, such as court documents, letters, and presentations.

The following record types have a Documents page:








Related record types Involved and History also have Documents pages, but those record types must be accessed through one of the record types listed above.