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Adding and Removing Document Categories

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Use the document Categories page to assign a document to a grouping that may describe the type of document or its purpose. Categories are usually pre-defined by your system administrator and each category may include one or more subcategories.

Additionally, when you select a category, custom fields may appear on the General page in the Details section. These fields are related to the categories that you select and may have related fields that must be completed before you can save the record.

How Categories Affect the Details Page

For example, you may have a document that you assigned to a category named Service of Process. Once you assign the document to the Service of Process category, the Details section on the General page may display custom fields that allow you to enter the date of the Service of Process, the name of the court that is handling the case, and other information related to the Service of Process in this matter.

Based on your access rights, you can view, add, change, or delete categories.